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E-mail : donsion@donsion.com
Tel : + 86 23 68953066 / 68831333
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About Us
About us
2014-06-06 00:00:00

Chongqing DESO Lifting Co.,Ltd is committed to the developing and manufacturing  high quality products which are widely used for operations of heavy duty lifting, rigging, fastening, and material handling in mines, oil rigs, mills, docks,and on ships. All the products we provide can be certified by registers BV, ABS, Lloyd’s, etc.

Deso’ history can be dated back to 1987, following the policy of reform and opening of China, Our domestic and global market with huge demand for lifting material, we begin our business first with Chain Hoist and Lever Hoist.  Our products with good reputation in China, and we also export goods to a few countries like USA, Germany Etc. by cooperating with some National stae-owned Imp&Exp enterprises. 

Deso gained the right to export in 2002 following the step of China's joining WTO(World Trade Organization),we are among the first companies with the authority to export in China.  In order to meet the demand of our client(Mainly for European and Mid-East at that time), we expanded our products from Chain Block&Lever Block to more lifting material. After the development of the past years, our high quality products with good price including:

*Chain Block&Lever Block.

*G80 Chain, Hook, Master Link, Connecting Link, Chain Sling. 

*G100 Chain, Hook, Master Link, Connecting Link, Chain Sling. 

*US Type Shackles and Other Rigging Hardware. 

*Steel Wire Rope.

*Electric Hoist&Winch.

Deso invested new factory and facility in Jiangsu Province2010, updated production line and facility guarantee us improved quality and capacity, combined with our 27 years’s experience in the field of international trade.  We find our advantages to Survive and the right way to help our customer win the marketshare, that’s quality and service. 

When Buying From Deso You Are Buying More Than Products, You Are Buying Quality And Service!!!


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