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E-mail : donsion@donsion.com
Tel : + 86 23 68953066 / 68831333
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Booth No.16.4 K01
Booth No.16.4 G42
Booth No.:HT112
Our New Full Automatically Production Line For US Type Shackles Was Put Into Use on 3th,Dec,The Products With Amazing Quality AndVery Good Price, We Warmly Welcome Your New Inquiry To Enjoy This Great Facility.
Booth No. 14.3-H40, Duration:Oct,15th 2017-Oct 19th,2017
Chinese New Year from 14,Feb to 2,Mar
Merry Christmas and Wish You and Your Family A Happy & Prosperous New Year !!!
We Were Back From Jordan Fair Last Week, We Are So Happy To Learn That Jordan Market With Huge Prospect.
From 7 Sep,2014 – 10 Sep,2014, we will participate in the “Jordan International Industries&Machinery Exhibition”
We will update the system and apply the new version CO from CCPIT
New Home Page For Chongqing Deso Lifting Co.,Ltd Will be Announce On 1 July,2014.
Chongqing Deso Lifting Co.,Ltd will attend the China Fair Jordan 2014. We will announce the booth no. once confirmed.
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Tel:+86-23-68953066 / 68831333 Fax:+86-23-68953166 Email:donsion@donsion.com

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